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The Power of Breathwork and High Sensitivity in Men with Alan Piatek

January 03, 2024 Jules De Vitto Season 2 Episode 4
Highly Sensitive Humans Podcast
The Power of Breathwork and High Sensitivity in Men with Alan Piatek
Highly Sensitive Humans Podcast
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Show Notes

About Alan Piatek

In today's episode, we talk about, 'The Power of Breathwork and High Sensitivity in Men' with Alan Piatek.

Alan is a certified Systemic Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Breathwork Facilitator. With a deep interest for the human being, it is his passion to help others and guide them to a balanced, more meaningful and self-loving life. His coaching is rooted in evidence-based methods and prioritizes tangible results over empty promises. It draws upon a combination of modern coaching techniques and ancient wisdom.

Alan and I connected when working at a mindfulness retreat and wellbeing centre in Portugal. During my time there, I offered a workshop on High sensitivity, which gave Alan a new insight into the temperament and how he relates to the term. As a result, Alan has ended up supporting and attending our annual HSP retreat for HSP.

In this episode, we speak about Alan’s experience as a coach and facilitating breathwork sessions. We discuss the benefits of breathwork for Highly Sensitive People and also, more specifically, High Sensitivity in men. Alan talks about his lived experience of identifying with HSP and he shares how, since finding out about the temperament,  this has significantly impacted his life and wellbeing.

We also talk about our annual Highly Sensitive Person retreat in the UK, you can find more details about the retreat here: https://academy.highlysensitivehumans.com/pages/highly-sensitive-person-retreat


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The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself Kindle Edition by Michael A. Singer
New Life Foundation
Online Men's Group run by Alan through New Life Foundation

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About the Host: Jules De Vitto has a BSc in Psychology, MA in Education and MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She is the founder of Highly Sensitive Humans - an online community that offers courses, coaching, articles and a podcast for Highly Sensitive People. She helps those who identify with the traits of high sensitivity to navigate emotional overwhelm, step into their authentic power and align with their true purpose in life.

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